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Undefeated Authentic Happy


November 28th, 2018

HI! I'm Syn and I describe myself as an extraterrestrial hooker beyond repentance! I'm a little cooky and spooky, a little glamorous, a little sexy, and completely Synful. My looks vary but I always have specific roots such as the 90's older sister getting ready for a night out, video vixen, and clown! Even though I have a lot of different looks, QUALITY is the common denominator in all of them. Syn knows how to get down with all different groups of people and there's no way you won't want to commit a Syn after meeting her. 

I am the host and co-creator of Drag Factor at Pride for Youth. The show has been running for about a year now and from the beginning, the point was to educate everyone that entered Drag Factor (as a contestant or audience member) about HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and ending the stigmas that surround it. I believe that coming together as a community through Drag Factor, you are not only getting a sickening drag show but you are also educating yourself and that is why I am an HIV Advocate.