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October 22nd, 2020
I wake up in the morning,the first thing I think of is that I am still alive.
However,I do not have the power to wake myself up so I quickly say thank you Lord for the gift of life.
people ask me how it is possible to be HIV positive and yet just say it to everyone... I smile and say,it's more than just disclosure, it's about me as well,my healing.its about passion,and also selfless love.....
we break down most of the times with no one to ran to or talk to.we have people in our lives whom we turn to in tough times but they won't always be there.
Since 2015,I have been committed to a very caring,supportive and faithful partner who no matter what, never leaves me. There are times when I feel my partner is not doing much and I feel like giving up but then I think of all the good times I have spent with him. I mean it's because of him that I am like this today,I am able to talk to someone and make them feel okay, some people even refuse when I tell them I am HIV positive because of my partner.No one can be as faithful.Because of my partner,my daughter was born undetectable ❤✊.
I remember I started taking my meds when my cd4 was as low as 55.My partner welcomed me with warmth, it wasn't easy for me but he made me feel as comfortable as possible until I became undetectable. Through the journey I defaulted and my vl went to 3814,he was still there mwebantu.who does that?
That is why I too have become a faithful partner because it is a life time commitment and we need to abide.
My medication is my partner for life
HIV should not be death sentence,it should not be the reason you stay indoors, it shouldn't be the reason you do not have friends,it should not be the reason you kill yourself.
our goal is to reach #UequalsU and it's only by being a faithful partner to our meds .we shouldn't allow people's opinions rule our lives ✊✊