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Meet Shingi

July 13th, 2020
20 June 1999.
I was 5 years as an Airmen, I stayed in the military barracks, back then i just turned 26 years old, still experiencing life away from my family. The Tuesday of that month, I just got paid, so I went on a trip to see my relatives. They live 450 KM away. I had taken my 3 days off before pay. I returned back to my work place, as I entered my apartment, I heard a knock, so I opened it, it was my friend, we trained together when I joined the force, a married man, he liked visiting me just for a talk in the evening. As we talked, an idea came in his head that I should accompany him to a nearby block of flats within the camp. When we arrived he wanted to meet a female friend, of which I noticed he had ideas about this lady friend. So we went to their house and brought some soft drinks.
I met a few of the ladies there but I wasn't interested. As they kept on with their discussions It was getting late and I was tired. I wanted to leave but the friend of the female friend asked me to rest in her room while they talked. Little did i know I would fall asleep on that bed and little did i know the lady friend would come later and lay next to me. Before I knew it we were having unprotected sex and that was my first time to have sex.
All was strange. I had no idea what I was doing and had no idea who this woman was, I never saw her before. In the morning I realised what happened was wrong, that wasn't how i wanted my life to play out, I never saw this day coming. I was not a virgin anymore. As we spoke I noticed the lady had a previous marriage and that her husband for 6 months died 3 months ago. I had a lot of questions that weren't answered in my heart . I left feeling bad about myself.
Few months later, I met the lady again during our duties and she was pregnant. She confronted me and told me that actually the pregnancy was mine. What? How? Why? That was my reaction. I accepted and took the responsibility. So the woman still didn't tell me what was the cause of her husband's death, so I kept asking, all the answers were Sketchy then I had to connect the dots. 
The child was born, a beautiful girl, a grown up woman now. I resigned from the force after 6 years to pursue other fields. I travelled to another country to live. I was told the lady fell ill, the sickness was very severe. She never told me what actually the doctors were saying.
12 years later, in a foreign country, here and there, I had some funny sickness, headaches and chest pains. Now I am dating again, so after some months I decided to commit. We got married and were blessed with a daughter. 1 year and a half into the marriage my wife started losing weight. I thought it was breast feeding for some months until the day I won't forget. She fell seriously ill and I took her to a hospital. There we discovered she had TB and further tests were done, she was HIV+. I nearly collapsed. I decided to test and guess what? I was HIV positive too. I thought to myself, where do I go? What do I do? Next I decided to test all my kids. Thank God they were all negative. 
I asked the nurses, what do I do? I was in a confused state. They gave me cotrimoxazole. Then I started taking ARVs. I am 24 years HIV positive. 
It all started with a silly friend,who invited me to see a so called friend and that changed my life forever. I am a non alcoholic person,ever since,i live a simple but beautiful life. This journey has taught me a lot and I saw many things. Being HIV positive does not mean death sentence, to me it means a change of gear, a new way of life. Many people I know died of PB, my sister is one of them,but I thank God that I woke up today. In my life I have lost a lot of friends. But today I take care of my health and knowing my status safed my life.  
May my story Inspire someone.  
With thanks.