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Meet Mycah

August 6th, 2021

"I, Mycah Lee Arrellano, have attempted to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS wherever I have lived and worked for well over 30 years. I have served this ministry via direct and palliative care, research, as well as through the advocacy of international community awareness by my continuous educational engagement through my public speaking.

The topic of HIV / AIDS is my passion. My continuous personal search to find ways for the diagnosed individuals to thrive despite the seemingly life sentence of this disease are topics near and dear to my heart. I strongly believe the stigma of a diagnosis is preventable with the researched information which can change future behaviors and bring about healing strategies. 

I believe in actively listening to diagnosed individuals and learning of their personal struggles regarding fighting this disease. In this manner I can create a case-by-case strategy to end the HIV/AIDS stigma.  I speak out to help evangelize in all its forms against discrimination. I'm passionateabout fighting HIV stigma, living with HIV recently he strongly believes this type of stigma is preventable with the right behaviors and strategies. TOGETHER we can break the HIV stigma of fear, shame and guilt."


 Mycah Lee Arellano is an award-winning television talk show host, community advocate, public speaker and motivator who was born in the barrio of Edinburg, Texas. Raised by a powerful mother who led her community to advocate for bus transportation for neighborhood children, Mycah spent his formative years in the barrio (the ghetto) and grew up in poverty yet surrounded by love and examples of leadership.

Today, 38 million individuals are currently living with HIV/AIDS. Mycah On Mic: Making A Difference will be navigating available healthcare resources, the latest treatments, educational information to share with loved ones, healthcare advocacy, mental health through art, and more topics that directly impact the intended audience: people living with HIV and/or AIDS.