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Undefeated Authentic Happy

Meet Drew

March 1st, 2021
Around 2011 I found out I had HIV. At first, I had feelings of worthlessness and suicide.   I felt my life was over and I felt empty inside. I had turned to drugs to numb the pain because I gave up on life. I was clueless on how to treat the virus.
Then after years of living with HIV i can honestly say that my feelings started to change.  The first step isknowing your status, being kind to yourself and living your life to your own rhythm. I have lived in silence for so long but now I have the support of my boyfriend, my family, Jessica and Ann who all have kept me on the right track, for that i am truly grateful and happy!
I have seen so much within the community where the stigma is still very much alive. This HIV virus, if treated, is not a death sentence. Yes, I have the virus but I’m not infectious because I am undetectable. U Equals U. Undetectable equals untransmittable.  I now live my life with optimistic views, I am happy and true to myself.   The cons of living with HIV are the blood checks every 6 months and swallowing a small blue tablet each day. The pros are that I'm healthy, undetectable and my patterner is safe.
After years of living in silence I believe it’s now time to use my voice to help educate others on HIV. I’m healthy, happy, POSITIVE and UNDETECTABLE!
My diabetes is more of a risk to me than HIV!
 Be you. Be proud and Be healthy.