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Meet Debasmita

April 27th, 2021
"Hello ,my name is debasmita laha, I am 15 years old and Im from India. When I was in class 6 I first hear this word "HIV" printed on my science textbook. I research what is HIV, and how it happens? After I learned that HIV is global epidemic I wanted to create awareness around HIV in my society. I did a lot of research and decided to create website which gives information about HIV. This year I made @p.h.w.d to raise awareness about HIV among the youth and to remove HIV stigma. I also made a HIV related channel on telegram named "prevent HIV with debasmita laha" where I not only raise HIV awareness, but I also promote sex education. I believe sex education is the only way to prevent HIV and fight the stigma associated with it. Currently I am supporting all my LGBTQ+ friends" ❤
Together we #fightstigma. Together we are #HIVAdvocates.