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Undefeated Authentic Happy

Juan S.

April 9th, 2019
"It's been over seven years since I was told "you have HIV". Like other things in life, those words changed my world.
But I wasn't afraid. I had the knowledge that starting treatment was the best thing for my health.
I'm lucky because I have the support of my family, my friends, and a team of medical professionals who assure me that my health is what matters most. Because I know that some people living with HIV may not have the same type of support, I ride my bike to raise money to support programs and services for local organizations.  
As a Latino, I want other Latinos living with HIV like me to take control of their health not only for themselves but also for the people who love them. Being undetectable not only keeps me healthy, but it also gives me the freedom to live my life with confidence that I am not HIV. I'm just me."