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November 28th, 2018

My Name is Jarod Dimatos and I identify as a Queer Male. My passions include Styling, Photography and being a full-time nerd. But mostly I love to educate! My friends all jokingly call me the “Know it all” but I enjoy and find strength in that name because I think it’s important to be conscious and aware. I want to erase all the negative connotations linked with HIV, we are negative and positive not dirty and clean. Undetectable means! Untransmittable! 
HIV is no longer a death sentence, it is treatable and people live long healthy lives even when diagnosed. There should be no divide we are all human and no disease should seperate us.

I have worked with Pride For Youth since I was 15 and in doing so have been given the chance to teach numerous classes on not only HIV/AIDS, but STI’s, PrEP/PEP and much more. Being exposed to this knowledge so early on I believe gave me the maturity and passion I have for working in this field in the future and continuing to share my knowledge with as many possible. 

I am an HIV advocate because I believe we can defeat stigma and HIV. I am an HIV advocate because your status does not define you. I am an HIV advocate because I can help others.