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January 31st, 2019
Name: Geoffrey Britt
Age: 26 
Location: Austin Texas
Occupation: Hairstylist/MUA, Educator
life mantra: "he who seeks beauty shall find it" -bill cummingham
Diagnosed at the age of 22, geoffrey has been living an 'undetectable' lifestyle for almost 5 years! Not letting the stigma get him down; Geoffrey loves to share facts on HIV and all treatment types, when the topic arises in any conversation. 
"I'm a firm believer that the 'universe' or 'god' ( or whatever you relate to), puts you in certain experiences to grow & learn from.... at the moment of being diagnosed, losing all remembrance of this, i thought my life was over - considering the worse for myself. It took some time to regain my mental stability. I eventually realized that it was only a new chapter beginning. A new chapter of understanding/cherishing my new body & the necessities to remain healthy.. a new chapter to not break me down, but make me stronger... a new chapter to continue my story & hopefully change the world! Living with HIV doesn't define or change who i am as a person, it's simply an extension of my being. I am Geoffrey, and i am hiv+ undetectable!!" geoffreyb