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Undefeated Authentic Happy


April 3rd, 2019

To be completely honest, my diagnosis crippled me –– emotionally, physically, psychologically. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. It felt like a sick nightmare that I was going to wake up from any minute, but every time I woke up, I still had HIV. I remember praying to God for the medicine to work, because I had no way of knowing until my next test a couple months later. It shook me. As time went on, the HIV became a part of me. My decision to come out as positive changed everything for me. Then all of a sudden, this thing that had overtaken my life became my superpower. It became my sacred friend. It became a link to other people in my community who couldn’t come out themselves, whatever the reason. My truth gave way to my power. I acknowledge that I now have a voice that speaks on behalf of so many, and I intend to use that voice for good. The change is coming and will not stop the fight to end stigma and eradicate HIV/AIDS in this lifetime. U=U.