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Undefeated Authentic Happy


January 29th, 2019

I was amongst the first 400 gay men Diagnosed in Sydney, Australia in 1984.  Although devastated by the diagnosis I was determined to survive. There was no medical or counselling services at that time, I was on my own so I came up with my own health regime. Healthy eating, lots of exercise, meditation, visualisation, vitamins and supplements and I gave up alcohol.
I had an acronym that gave me HOPE when there was none. 
To me the word HOPE  stood for
H = Humour
O = Optimism
P = Perseverance
E = Energy
I undertook 28 HIV drug trials and have been left with several devastating side effects of the drugs  including an extremely rare brain condition called Superficial Siderosis, bleeding on the cerebellum. This is a slow progressing terminal condition but like HIV a condition that I am determined to fight!
After the death of my HIV specialist and dear friend, the global HIV researcher and humanitarian Professor David Cooper, I am helping to fulfil his vision of ending HIV in our lifetime.
My mission is to educate everyone about HIV. the vital importance of testing, modern medications and to help dispel the persistent stigma still surrounding HIV/AIDS.