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Undefeated Authentic Happy


November 28th, 2018
My name is Cassandra i go by Cassi i am 29 years old single mom to a 8 month old little boy.  I have been positive since May 2016 and was an undetectable status Aug 2016. So going on 2 years living with HIV has just been a normal life for me of course emotions get to me once and awhile. I extra protect myself and i am not shy or embarrassed to say i am positive and share my story. I found out i was positive May 2016 i with with my ex boyfriend at the time. With lots of time and investigation i found out he has been positive since 2007 and he never disclosed it to me. Since California did see it as a misdemeanor crime i was able to fight him with the justice system and a wonderful detective who took my case. I finally have forgive this man and have moved on with my life i learned a lot from a very toxic relationship. With all that being said i am i happy healthy positive 29 year old single mom who lives life with no regret now just lessons. 
I wont people to know your life is  not over you can live a normal happy he;thy life just take your medicine! You can be loved and have beautiful miracle babies. You are worth all the love and your condition or disease does not define you!