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November 28th, 2018

Hello everyone. My name is Carlos Daniel Pérez Alanis, I’m 23 years old and I’m currently studying medicine in Puebla, Mexico. 

One month ago I was diagnosed as HIV positive. At first I did not know how to feel, how to react, I was scared.

But not anymore. Looking through YouTube I found 2 youtubers who gave me hope about my condition. I notice that my life stills the same the only thing that changed is my status. I told my family and friends and they support me now.

And as a doctor I am going to stand up and fight against the stigma. I want to be a voice for millions that are out there fighting, show them they are not alone, show everyone in the health system a doctor also can be HIV positive.

And let everyone know that despite my condition I’m still studying to become a great doctor so I can help a lot of people in need.

Tons of love,