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Meet Wisdom

February 11th, 2020

I'm Wisdom Selasie Junior, I am a Ghanaian in my early twenties. And I am a person living with HIV.
In the latter part of the year 2010, I tested positive to HIV. As a senior high school student, I was totally devastated and thought it would be better to end it all by committing suicide. But with the support, encouragement and counseling from my health providers, I started treatment but I was not too adherent. I hid my ARVs and my status as a whole from both family and friends. Little did I know my CD4 count was dropping and my viral load soaring as days went by. In 2016, I went for my routine medical check up and my health provider could tell without doubt that I was defaulting most of the time. She made me understand the importance of adhering to my ARVs that day and I changed for the better since then. A year down the line, I was back to the healthy and nice looking young man that I have always been. My viral loads came out undetectable and my CD4 was back up the ladder. At that instant, I decided not to hide my HIV status or my ARVs anymore. I told my family and friends about my HIV status and how I nearly put my life on the line to inspire them to go check their HIV status and do the needful based on the outcome of their test. And funny enough I was met with serious discrimination. I basically lost my family and friends because I was living with HIV, a tiny virus I had rendered useless with the help of ARVs. That didn't stop me as I set out to use myself as an example of the fact that there's really life after HIV. It's been ten years now and I am still the nice, healthy and happy young man that I have always been. I don't look or feel sick in anyway. I am living life to it's fullest. I am happy. And I am extremely excited that I am also able to talk to others and inspire them to see the bright side of life even after testing positive to HIV. Indeed, HIV doesn't define me. I am greater than HIV. I am a living testimony.