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Meet Nairobia

February 17th, 2021
My name is Nairobia Ramey. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I'm 39 years old I have 3 beautiful children. In 2005 just a few months after my twenty fourth birthday I became ill. I thought it was just due to me working full time, being in college and a mom. I had been dating a guy I met while working. One day after work, I felt extra tired than usual, and I went to bed early, but I never got up the next day and my mom looked at me and she asked if I should see my doctor. I called my clinic and requested to be seen. I went in and was checked out. I had a little fever. My doctor asked if I would like to be tested for everything and I said yes. I went back home, and I was just so weak I didn't eat just slept. My mother was worried and decided that I should go to the ER and I was asked if I wanted an HIV test, I said yes. Other tests were ran as well, I was sent home once again with no results. It's now been a week or so since these tests and I'm now losing weight and still not eating. I went back to the ER because I hadn't eaten in days. Once there a nurse comes in and asks my mom if she can leave the room. The nurse looks at me and says," I don't mean to tell you this, but you have HIV". I could barely talk. The nurse says to me, "do you know what this means?" And at 24 I still had no real knowledge about HIV. I'm just in shock because I heard all the horrible stories about HIV, I began to cry. My mother came in and asked what's wrong and I told her. My mom hugged me and said, "it's going to be ok." After Gathering up my emotions and I was released from the hospital I decided that day that I will go to the Caribbean Festival that they have in Baltimore each year. I enjoyed myself and I began to research about HIV. I came across a program here in Baltimore Maryland called "sisters together and reaching" which is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals living with HIV as well as HIV prevention. I joined the group and I've realized that they were women like me who were living with HIV not dying of HIV. Women who were married, educated, had children and this started my journey of becoming an HIV advocate. I was hired through "Sisters Together and reaching" and there I began to speak out about my HIV diagnosis. I speak at churches, schools, events, recovery programs and more. I just want individuals to know that HIV doesn't have to be a death sentence but something that we now can live with. This is a chapter of my story not the entire book. I now get to share with others and show people how to live with HIV. I want to give people hope and serenity. Your life is not over, it's just a new way to live.
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